Kit de redutores de caudal


Os Redutores de Caudal são peças complementares de torneiras e chuveiros que, na substituição do tradicional filtro de rede, reduzem o fluxo de água em aproximadamente 50%.



Beverage Production

We understand that in the plastics industry, efficiency, safety and productivity are paramount. We offer a full line of components including cylinders, grippers, slides, actuators; clamps and switches that will ensure your operations run effectively and as required.

A empresa


A Plus Energy é uma Empresa tecnológica, especializada em gestão e monitorização de consumos de ar comprimido, energia e água, automação industrial, soluções de lubrificação, pneumática, vácuo, tratamento de ar e otimização de consumos de impressoras.

MAC air valves are available in a wide range of flow and package configurations. Single inline or manifold assemblies with optional fieldbus interfaces. MAC valves are designed for high reliabilty and high performance requirements.

MAC's direct acting valve models can handle vacuum pressures to 120 psi and can be operated as a normally open, normally closed, two or three way, selector or diverter allowing the valve to be used in a variety of applications and reducing the need to stock multiple valves.

The Balanced design produces precise repeatability regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations - giving consistent machine performance.