Kit de redutores de caudal


Os Redutores de Caudal são peças complementares de torneiras e chuveiros que, na substituição do tradicional filtro de rede, reduzem o fluxo de água em aproximadamente 50%.



Beverage Production

We understand that in the plastics industry, efficiency, safety and productivity are paramount. We offer a full line of components including cylinders, grippers, slides, actuators; clamps and switches that will ensure your operations run effectively and as required.

A empresa


A Plus Energy é uma Empresa tecnológica, especializada em gestão e monitorização de consumos de ar comprimido, energia e água, automação industrial, soluções de lubrificação, pneumática, vácuo, tratamento de ar e otimização de consumos de impressoras.


We offer a range of pneumatic systems tailor made to suit the demanding applications of the glass manufacturing industry.

Improve production, gain larger yields, extend the longevity of your equipment, increase accuracy and explore cooling applications for high temperatures.

MAC Valves in particular have had great success in the glass field and have supported the industry for a number of years.

Their expertise includes:

Valve Blocks: All MAC solenoid valves are fully protected against contamination thanks to the MACSOLENOID® and wiping action technology. MAC Valves manufacture their own coils and offer a lifetime warranty.

Cartridge Valves: MAC Cartridge Valves are of the typical MAC design: balanced poppet, robust construction, high flow, low minimum operating pressure and with a strong, reliable spring as well as fully tested prior to shipment. As a result life expectancy is proven as up to 80 million cycles and they will interchange with all major valve block manufacturers.

Blowing Valves: The unique MAC Valves high temperature 4way pilot technology and non sticking design allows fast and reliablehigh flow blowing applications for your final blow, settle blow, counterblow and cooling applications. They can be either electrically or air remote controlled.Inline or sub base mountings allow easy retrofit on all machines.

High Temperature Sub-base Valves: The new generation of MAC 4way pilot solenoid and remote air valves are fully designed for high temperature applications and heavy duty environments. Dedicated mountings with MAC or ISO bases, Circuitbars® and transition plates allow all combinations for easy retrofit on maintenance and new machine designs. Sandwich flow controls and sandwich pressure controls with mechanical or electronic controls are available for pressing and blowing applications.

Conveyor Valves: The MAC Valves 4way balanced pilot technology and non-sticking design provide fast and reliable operation on sweeper applications where speed, accuracy and reliability are critical.

Solutions for Glass Manufacturing

From MAC Valves

  • MAC Special Optimized Solutions for the Glass Industry
  • MAC Solutions for Final Blow, Settle Blow, Finish Cooling
  • MAC ISO3 Replacement of Ross ISO3 Remote Air Valve
  • MAC ISO2 Replacement of Ross ISO2 Electrical Valve
  • MAC ISO2 Replacement of Numatics AV12 or A8 on Glass IS Machines
  • MAC High Flow Valve Replacement of Ross Valves on Final Blow
  • MAC 93S Replacement of Auxiliary Block on Bottero Machines
  • MAC 92S Replacement of Omni Valve Pusher on Emhart IS Machines
  • MAC 92S Replacement of Numatics Mark 8 or Mark 15 on Pusher Application